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Create your publication strategy course

You spent a lot of time researching and writing a thesis, dissertation, or capstone project. How can you convert your academic work into a career asset?

Join Dr. Janet Salmons (author of Doing Qualitative Research Online and Qualitative Online Interviews) and Dr. Helen Kara for their Create Your Publication Strategy course Feb 13-March 31.

Select “Digital Tools user” and get a $25 discount. (We are using the honor system– there is no code to enter.)

Here is a little background information:

  • Create Your Publication Strategy is not a writing course, its a “what do I do with my writing?” course. We now have many options for publishing our work: blogs to peer-reviewed articles, book chapters,books with a publisher, self-published e-books, case studies, or manuals. Which mix of options aligns with academic or professional career goals? The course is designed to help participants reflect on their goals and set priorities, and then to create a plan that maps out types and timing for publications that will help them move forward.

  • This is a course for people who have completed (or almost completed) doctoral degrees. Participants have written dissertations and/or theses as well as other significant academic and/or professional papers, reports, or articles. Through exercises, discussion, and instructor feedback they will carefully review these pieces of writing to assess their publication potential and to determine steps needed to update existing work or to develop new work based on their findings.
  • This is not a MOOC. While the course is flexible and self-paced, participants can share ideas with an intimate learning community of other academic writers, and receive feedback from Dr. Helen Kara and Dr. Janet Salmons. Two live online meetings will be held during the course.
  • The community will continue beyond the 6-week course through an email list and a community of practice. Helen and Janet will share resources and occasional webinars with course alumni.

We are holding a tweetchat next week to discuss publication strategies for academic writers. You can also find more about publication strategy in this SAGE Methodspace post: Research > Publication > Impact (You Might Need a Strategy for That).