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Creating digital workflows workshop: June 3

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This workshop is intended for faculty, staff and graduate students, as well as those working in applied social science research contexts.

Now more than ever, technological innovations combined with the ongoing global pandemic are shaping qualitative research methods and methodologies in complex ways. This one-day fully online interactive workshop offers participants both theoretical grounding and practical guidance for developing a personalized digital workflow for qualitative research that leverages technological innovations in meaningful and reflexive ways.

During the workshop, participants will be guided in:

  • Critically evaluating and adopting digital tools and spaces in theoretically and methodologically grounded ways;
  • Transforming one key qualitative data collection method – interviewing – into a creative and accessible data collection method via engaging with digital tools and spaces;
  • Positioning qualitative data analysis software as a core component of a research workflow; and
  • Examining the ethical and political consequences of harnessing digital tools and spaces within a qualitative research design.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have generated their own digital workflow for qualitative research studies and considered key critical appraisal questions to guide future methodological decisions.

Workshop content is adapted from Paulus & Lester’s (2022) book, Doing Qualitative Research in the Digital World.

The schedule will include interactive small break-out room discussions as well as whole-group mini-lectures and application activities. We will also include regular breaks and a 30-minute lunch break.

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