Resources for Transcription Workshop

Google docs for the workshop

Google doc: What questions do you have?

Google doc: What is a transcript?

Google doc: Personalizing the workflow

For more information

The practical and ethical issues of automated transcriptions: five take-home messages by Caitlin Hafferty

Transcribing with MAXQDA

NVivo’s transcription module

Transcription: More than just words (by NVivo)

How to import automated transcripts into ATLAS 22

Dedoose series on transcription solutions:

  • Part 1: Updated transcription solutions for dedoosers: Low and no cost options 
  • Part 2: Data security and privacy considerations

The CAQDAS Networking Project webinar on Transcribing for the 21st Century, with Steve Wright

Transcribing for social research companion website

Mondada’s transcription page

EMCA Wiki on transcription



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