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Call for papers: ICQI2017

And community updates!

Thank you to all of the presenters at the 2016 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI)! We welcomed 49 presenters to our Special Interest Group (SIG) on Digital Tools for Qualitative Research (DTQR), and thanks to our 14 sponsors, we gave away 30 books and software licenses during the raffles. We once again had a wonderful conference experience, and look forward to seeing many of you gain in 2017.

ICQI 2017

  • Plan now to submit a paper proposal to our DTQR SIG for 2017. Submissions are due December 1 and guidelines are available on the ICQI website ( See our prior mini-programs for ideas:
  • If you are interested in helping us review proposal submissions, serving as a session chair, organizing the program, or planning any special events, please let us know.
  • There will be several DTQR-related workshops in 2017 – offered by Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Kristi Jackson, Anne Kuckartz, Trena Paulus & Jessica Lester. Check them out!
  • During our SIG meeting at ICQI 2017 we will propose a leadership structure and hold elections for officers. Positions will include SIG chair (currently Kristi Jackson), program chair (currently Judith Davidson) and outreach/marketing chair (currently Trena Paulus). Position descriptions will be posted on the Digital Tools website prior to the conference for your review and consideration and we will send a comprehensive message regarding this and other conference events a few weeks prior to ICQI 2017.

News and notes

  • Our special issue of Qualitative Inquiry on DTQR, based on the 2015 conference papers, is now in press. We will announce its publication through our social media outlets (see below).
  • Send us your news! What are you publishing? What other conferences are you attending? What workshops are you hosting? We are happy to share this with the community via our social media outlets.
  • We have launched the DTQR blog series and welcome your contributions. Want to share what you’ve been working on, thinking about or theorizing? Contact with your idea.
  • We enjoyed seeing many of you at the KWALON conference in Rotterdam in late August where we continued conversations about the future of QDA software. ( and where the final session on interoperability was videotaped:
  • We would love updates from anyone who attended the Qualitative Methods and Research Technologies Research Summit in Cracow, September 1-3 ( Consider contacting with your idea for a blog post.

Upcoming events

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